All fresh products are seasonal. Please email us for an up to date price list. Flenterskloof also trades under Swanpack Fruit. Photos can be viewed in the gallery.

Sun-dried tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes were born in Italy as a way to store fresh tomatoes for the winter. Italians dried fresh tomatoes in the hot sun on their tile roofs as a way to preserve them for the cold months. These dried, concentrated vessels of flavour have enjoyed a popularity boost in the in the past couple of decades, initially as a gourmet item but fast becoming a favourite of home cooks. Sun-dried tomatoes can be used in a wide variety of recipes and come in a variety of shapes and colours. Sun-dried tomatoes have the same nutritional value as the fresh tomatoes they are made from. They are high in Lycopene, antioxidants, vitamin C and low in sodium, fat, and calories. Sun-dried tomatoes are available in halves, pieces, flakes and powder.

Sun-dried tomatoes


We have both Agathosma Crenulata (oval-leaf buchu) and A. betulina (round leaf buchu) available fresh (limited quantities, in season) and dried. Buchu is a plant native to South Africa and has a long history of use as a traditional medicine and digestive, and currently can be found in a number of health teas. Buchu seeds are also available.

Buchu (Boegoe) – organic, fresh or dried (kg)
Buchu Water (1L) – distilled buchu water
Buchu Balm

Fresh and sun-dried figs

Sulphite free sun-dried figs available whole and in pieces or powder. Fresh figs are available in season. Figs have the highest fibre and mineral content of all common fruits, nuts or vegetables. They also have as much as 1,000 times more calcium than other common fruits and by weight they actually have more calcium than skim milk. Figs are 80% higher in potassium than bananas, and are extremely easy to digest. They also have more iron than any other of the common fruits and are extremely high in magnesium.

Fresh figs (red)
Sun-dried figs

Olives and extra-virgin olive oil

Very limited quantities available and sells out very quickly. Olive oil typically becomes available in May.

Olive Oil – Extra Virgin Organic (500 ml)
Olives – Mission

Herbs and spices

Fennel – dried (kg)
Rosemary – fresh or dried (kg)
Bay leaves – dried (kg)

Mushroom products
Mushroom products available fresh (seasonal for wild harvested), dried whole, dried sliced, powdered.

Pine Rings (Lactarius deliciosus/Saffron Milkcaps)
Oyster mushrooms – organic
Shiitake mushrooms – organic (powder, whole, sliced)
Porchini mushrooms – organic